The England Team for Euro 2016, Can Chris Smalling Make the Grade?
The England Team for Euro 2016, Can Chris Smalling Make the Grade?
April 8, 2016
The England Team for Euro 2016, Can Chris Smalling Make the Grade?

After England’s defeat by the Netherlands on March 29th, it has called into question which players will make the first team selection ready for the European Championship 2016, a topic that isn’t without a long list of punters. The friendly was the last international match before the team travel to France for the beginning of the matches, and therefore it seems likely that Roy Hodgson will already have his key players in mind.

However, with several domestic games between now and June 10th, there is still chance for last minute changes to be made based on performances, a factor that Manchester United player Chris Smalling is eager to work to his advantage. His form has been impressive to say the least, with the defender having made quite the name for himself at Old Trafford during what can only be seen as a difficult time for the club.

England ManagerThe drive he has shown in the 29 matches he has played, a total that marks him as the most played team member of the season, has stoked rumours that Smalling could rival David de Gea for the Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year title. A theory that is proving quite popular with backers who are at the ready to place their bets in anticipation for when the awards will be announced. However, it isn’t just his club that he has impressed, for it is said that Roy Hodgson has his eye on the player ready for the Euro 2016 team decisions.

After a string of unfortunate experiences with UEFA in the past, the most recent being in 2014 when he spent the majority of the tournament watching from the bench, Smalling is said to be determined to make this Euro one that witnesses him playing a prominent role. Given his contributions for both teams over the past season, Smalling has commented saying that he fully expects to be at the fore of the Euro 2016 action, provided he keeps up his current form.

A confident claim that will undoubtedly draw a lot of interest from fans patiently following the fluctuations in betting odds. To play safe, and get the most out of the current tips surfacing on the net, bookmaker directories such as are the ideal place to see who is offering what, and whether the odds are favourable. A particularly useful source to have when so much is still uncertain about who will go to France and who won’t. Currently there are some certainties for the team we can be sure of, like the fact that Jordan Henderson and James Milner are definites for the midfielders, while Eric Dier is a hopeful. Nonetheless, a lot can happen between now and May 31st when the final UEFA squad calls are made. However, with Hodgson said to be announcing his chief selection earlier than the allotted date, it would seem players looking to make an impression don’t have long to do so.




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