Boot Review: EvoPower Leather
Boot Review: EvoPower Leather
May 22, 2014
Boot Review: EvoPower Leather


The first impression one had with these particular boots is its sleek blackout leather look. Many questions emerged from the public about this boot's capabilities and performance on the pitch, whether its grass or turf. They’re a many things to point out when it comes to this particular cleat from Puma. I personally play in the midfield, so there are certain aspects to the boot many search for comfort, first touch, strength and durability.


This boot in all surprised me, when it comes to being comfortable these have been the most comfortable I have worn so far. In fact I rarely recall a boot being so comfortable even when putting it on for the first time to wearing and playing in them for the first time. Perhaps back when predators had that classic red, black and white look to them. The leather make up of the boot definitely is a high attribute to the cleat; it almost feels like running on cushions at times. No matter what playing surface your on your feet will be comfortable. The only thing is your feet will get a little hot on turf fields but this issue will always occur when running full speed on an artificial field made of rubber. On all other fields made of grass, whether it’s a rough patchy field with inconsistent patches or a beautifully cut pitch. These boots will be pleasant on all fields at one's disposal.


At points this is where the much-boasted gradual stability frame comes into play, literally. Many critics and Puma have talked highly of this gradual stability frame on the EvoPowers, aiding in the boots durability. The Gradual stability frame is actually one of the few noticeable traits many can feel even as they run on the pitch. The concept of the frame helps in the boots durability but also keeping one’s foot comfortable by always applying support to the player’s foot even when they run in stride.


The AccuFoam pads on the boot provide a beautifully clean surface for one to strike the ball. The strike feels more natural in ways of the flow with one’s sweeping leg and foot. The AccuFoam not only assists in the factor of striking the ball but also in ways of controlling the ball. Playing the midfield, one has to put a lot of emphasis of their game on their first touch. Retaining possession of the ball happens to be easy as long as one has the ball at their feet. The Accufoam pads act as a cushion when the ball is passed to one’s feet, even when the pass is harsh and kind of erratic the pads still do the job with retaining the ball.



Many players look also for strength in the boot at vital spots, a multitude of attacking players search for boots that are reinforced on the sides of their feet near the ankle where one is to quickly cut turns. This is where the EverFit external cage comes into action, offering more stability to the middle of one’s foot. The added support to the inside of the foot helps a footballer in reassurance when they sharply cut on an opponent. When playing the beautiful game as much as possible a player puts wear and tear onto the cleats. There is a myriad of players that use the sides of their feet when they play football, but because of many boots today many claim to have their feet literally burst out of the sides of their boots. The EverFit external cage addresses this issue by adding extra protection and stability to the player’s midsection of the foot. 


These new boots by Puma offer a new arsenal of specialties to the footballer’s game. Defenders today look for strength mostly; midfield players search for ball retention and forwards want a nice striking surface. The EvoPowers are a smooth amalgamation of the best Puma has offered so far among their prior boots. Highly recommend these boots when primary concerns are in regards to comfort, striking and control. Nothing better too than the old school look of the all black shoe, its pure nostalgia when thinking about the old cleats from the early 2000s and 1990s. The blackout leather edition of these boots definitely a reminder of my first pair of cleats as a child. 

Special thanks to both Michelle and Ariela from Puma for the opportunity to test these boots out! 

Posted by Gio Franco at 4:20 PM