Soccer Comic Rant Podcast
Soccer Comic Rant Podcast
April 17, 2015
Soccer Comic Rant Podcast

Soccer is the greatest sport in the world, and it is stand up comedians Ian Edwards and Martin Harris' favorite topic to insult each other about at The Soccer Comic Rant. The Soccer Comic Rant has recorded over 100 episodes since they have been established, right here in Los Angeles too at the famous Comedy Store. Ian and Martin are the hosts and Comedians of the show, the two have been bringing their experience and expertise on the beautiful game since their start back January 4th 2013. 

Now that the Soccer Comic Rant has joined the WFD family we will be able to collaborate with each other by giving the WFD family what they have been deprived of since our hiatus on the 28th of February 2014. The podcast will be a weekly show for the time being till we can work out all that is needed to make the show "Daily" again. 

Tune in for upcoming interviews with quality guests, giveaways and some quality football discussion. Be sure to follow the hosts and the shows twitter accounts too, @IanEdwardsComic @Martinwharris @SoccerComicRant 

Here is the most recent Episode of The Soccer Comic Rant with the guys reaction to the Manchester Derby and the Liverpool match against Newcastle United 

If you want to add a topic into the discussion for the weekly show email WFD producer Gio Franco at or tweet him at @FrancotheG 

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